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The Design Process

My design process is very straightforward. After getting all relevant information from a customer or client, I start doing research. I need to go over what they want and the best way to represent that. I will go through stock image websites to pick out design elements. If there isn't anything that fits, I can create my own. I assemble everything I might use in a folder to reference while I'm designing.


When I start the design I always work out the layout and typography first. I want to make sure the text is easy to read and draws emphasis to important topics. After I'm done with that, I start adding images or elements that work well with the layout and typography. I make sure that the most important things draw a good amount of focus. This includes making the colors of elements or pictures more or less saturated to draw focus or frame something else that needs focus. 

After I've completed a design, I go over it with the customer or client to see what is good and what needs to change. I can design well, but the customer or client will be the best person to communicate how they want to represent their business. Together we come up with a solution that represents their business well and communicates the message they want to send their audience.

Below is an example of a website redesign that illustrates my process.

The Problem

This customer wanted to upgrade their website to one that matched the design of their new logo as soon as possible. The new website would need to include information and updated design elements from the original website. 

The Solution

I used their logo to source the new color palette for their new website. I also used elements that were flat and minimal so their website had an updated look that matched their logo. These elements were added to a template so this website could be produced quickly.

The Process




The new logo design is flat and minimalistic. To create the header, I researched abstract designs, sun rays, and found an image similar the one above. The header helps emphasize the logo. I designed the header to give logo emphasis because of how prominent their old logo was on the old website. I had to color correct the image to match the new logo and desaturate it, so the background did not compete with the logo and other elements for focus.



I wanted to update the icons on their new website. I did some research and found a couple elements that had a flat, minimalistic design. I modified them to match the logo colors and matched them to the subjects they represent.



I added a background to the services page to emphasize the topic that was on the page. The old website also had a bit of a background texture. I just took it a step further. I researched and found a background that related to services. Then I customized the pattern to reflect the logo colors so everything on the page tied together.

The customer was very happy with the website. I was able to redesign what they had, include updated elements, and finish these things in a timely manner.

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